Solar & PV panel cleaning
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Solar & PV panel cleaning

GK PRO is a high purity biocide so cannot harm any component used in the manufacture of panels – unlike cleaners containing acids, bleaches or solvents which all have the potential to oxidise in contact with other materials. GK PRO is biodegradable and for field-based arrays it is safe for animal grazing once dry.

GK PRO has only two actions, it is a powerful surfactant so foams and attacks dirt and grime in a similar way to washing up liquid, however its primary function is to attack, kill and remove biological growths – that’s all it does – if used correctly the outcome is dramatic and predictable.

Solar and PV systems are no different from other electrical systems in that they should be inspected and serviced regularly to ensure you maintain optimal performance and achieve anticipated financial returns.

On a sloping array the expectation is that panels are self-cleaning. However, in areas of high debris or damp we recommend a manual clean every year (or at worst every two years) to avoid algae and other biofilm growths.

A study by Google on their system in California suggested that it is worth cleaning flat roof panels at least once a year toward the end of winter; Google claim the yield on their flat roof system increased by 36%.  Studies by University of California San Diego have proven annual production to diminish between 6% to 11% depending on dust and air borne pollutants. For residential customers, this may not be a problem, but for a business or utility company a 6% to 11% drop in revenue is significant.