Stinky Pinky Rust Remover 1Ltr
Stinky Pinky Rust Remover 1Ltr
Stinky Pinky Rust Remover 1Ltr

Stinky Pinky Rust Remover 1Ltr

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Size: 500ml
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Stinky Pinky applied to a Sandstone Slab

Product in use

Stinky Pinky applied




Product Description

Stinky Pinky is a powerful non-acid rust remover that transforms rust compounds into a water-soluble solution, dissolving the stains without harming the underlying material.

Rust stains are a common problem both inside and outside the home, caused by iron-containing products, such as metal furniture, tools, fertilisers and leaking pipes. Stinky Pinky is specially formulated to address rust stains on delicate surfaces – it contains no caustic acid, making it safe for a huge variety of surfaces, including natural stone, brick, masonry, render, concrete, terracotta, porcelain, granite, marble and most other mineral based substrates.

Stinky Pinky is appropriate for use internally and externally and is made from a ready-to-use formulate that requires no mixing or diluting.


Key Features

• Non-Acid Formula: Stinky Pinky boasts a non-acidic composition, making it safe and effective for surfaces where other rust removers fall short due to their corrosive nature.

• Appropriate For Many Surfaces: With its neutral pH, Stinky Pinky adapts to a variety of substrates, including natural stone, brick, masonry, render, concrete, terracotta, porcelain, granite, marble and most other mineral based substrates.

• Easy Application - No dilution required! Simply apply Stinky Pinky™ to the affected area using a brush or sprayer.

• Targeted Rust Removal: Stinky Pinky works its magic by converting rust compounds into a water-soluble solution, effectively removing rust stains without harming the underlying surfaces. Its unique formula changes colour on contact with rust, making it easy to see where the product is working.

Coverage Rates

Achieve optimal results by treating surfaces to saturation. Recommended coverage rates vary by substrate, so conduct a small patch trial
for accurate consumption calculations.

  • Architectural Concrete: 5m² per litre
  • Block Paving: 5-8m² per litre
  • Natural Stone: 2-5m² per litre
  • Granite: 8-16m² per litre

Application Guidelines

No Dilution Required: Stinky Pinky™ comes ready to use. Do not dilute.

Preparation: Remove grease, dirt, and loose materials before application.

Coating: Apply a saturated coat by brush or spray. Rates vary based on surface absorbency.

Reaction Time: Light staining – 10 minutes; Heavy staining – up to 2 hours. Reapply if the surface dries out.

Rinsing: Thoroughly rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Note: Some immediate discolouration may occur on certain surfaces, but it will fade within 48 hours.


Keep Stinky Pinky™ in a dry place between 5ºC and 30ºC for
optimal performance. Shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Explore the Difference with Stinky Pinky™ - Your Trustworthy
Rust Removal Solution!

For detailed product specifications, refer to
the Stinky Pinky Safety Data Sheet.

Data Sheets

Product FAQs

Can Stinky Pinky be used as a prior to paint rust convertor?

No, Stinky Pinky is used to remove rust stains from delicate finished surfaces not as a metal primer

What if Stinky Pinky doesn’t show any reaction when applied?

If Stinky Pinky fails to change colour the staining is unlikely to be rust, a different answer to your problem is required.

Does Stinky Pinky contain muriatic acid?

Muriatic acid is an alternative name for hydrochloric acid, Stinky Pinky does not contain any caustic acids, it is safe to use on most all substrates.

Does bleach remove rust?

DON'T use bleach. Bleach does not remove rust! don't apply chlorine bleach to rust stains – it may react with the rust and worsen the discolouration.

Can I use Stinky Pinky on Granite?

Yes. Granite is porous and made of natural minerals that can oxidize and cause rust if your natural granite stone is not properly sealed. Granite formation is such that rust can naturally occur due to the minerals present, oxidation over time gives way to rust that forms in spots or lines throughout the stone. Stinky Pinky is formulated to be safe for use on granite.

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