GK Invisible Wood Sealer 5Ltr
GK Invisible Wood Sealer 5Ltr
GK Invisible Wood Sealer 5Ltr
GK Invisible Wood Sealer 5Ltr

GK Invisible Wood Sealer 5Ltr

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Product Description

GK Invisible Wood Sealer is a water-based sealing solution designed specifically for use with decking, fencing, timber and other wood structures. This ready-to-use sealer penetrates deep into wood, creating a robust defence against moisture and rot, while its algae-repelling formula keeps your wood surfaces pristine.

Formulated using the latest technology to give outstanding performance and durability.

GK Invisible Wood Sealer is ready to use and does not require dilution.


For best results, surfaces should be maintained using our range of cleaning products: GK Pro, GK Greener Kleener, or GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash.

Key Features

• Breathable Solution: Special formula that allows water vapour to pass through, while preventing water from penetrating the wood - helps prevent the wood from rotting and delaminating.

• Suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces: Can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, both inside and outside your home or premises.

• Hardwearing: The invisible sealant layer is both UVA resistant and highly resistant to wear.

• Mould & Algae Prevention: Stops the growth of unsightly green material on your wooden surfaces.

Application Guidelines

Apply with a brush, long pile roller, or low-pressure spray to saturation in an even coat.

Apply a second wet-on-wet coat before the first coat dries for deeper penetration.

Avoid runs, drips, or puddling. Remove excess product with a clean lint-free cloth.

Drying time: Touch dry within 2 hours, fully dry after 24 hours. For decking and flooring, allow 24 hours before heavy traffic.


Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf Life 24 months in the
original unopened container.

Technical Data Sheets

Product FAQs

Is GK Invisible Wood Sealer ready to use?

GK Invisible Wood Sealer is ready to use - do not dilute. Shake the container well before use.

What finish does GK Invisible Wood Sealer give – is it silk, matt gloss?

Once applied and absorbed, the wood should go back to its original appearance. It should not have any visual effect on the wood.

Is this suitable for decking? I'm concerned that it may be a slip hazard?

Yes it suitable for decking and will not increase the likelihood of slipping.

Is GK Invisible Wood Sealer safe for bird nest boxes

Yes it is safe for use on the external surfaces. The perches and entrance hole should remain untreated to ensure nothing is transferred to the interior.

Can you use this to treat an indoor piece of furniture that you'd like to use outside?

Provided the furniture is given at least the two coats as recommended there is no reason why any wooden item could not be used outside. However GK Invisible Wood sealer should not be considered protection against extensive exposure to direct sunlight.

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