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Caravan & Motorhome

If your caravan, motorhome or vehicle has grown mould, mildew or grime over the winter months cleaning with GK PRO or GREENER KLEENER will take no time at all. No specialist equipment is needed, a garden sprayer will do the job with minimum effort and no need to rinse after the product has been applied.

A biocide application which predictably kills all bacteria on all surfaces can restore your vehicle/caravan to its former glory. By using GK PRO or GREENER KLEENER we not only clean surface dirt but also kill the invisible, hidden microbiological growth that traditional cleaning methods do not touch. The longer term benefits of using this biocide means that you will notice, year on year, less effort and chemical is required to get back to “like new”.


For refrigerated, box and Curtain side HGV distribution vehicles, current food safety best practice guidelines, and regulatory obligations, are designed to maintain high anti-bacterial standards throughout the food chain.

Food conveyance equipment and transport vehicles are required to uphold the quality and integrity of food and minimise consumer risk. The General Principles of Food Hygiene cover key practices and controls, including transportation. One operator estimated that up to 40% of loads could involve foodstuffs and seasonality means urgent fresh produce movements are required.

We understand return loads and back loads may be ad hoc and involve an extremely rapid turn-around as a necessary part of operational economics. We have made it as simple an operation as possible to sanitize trailers with our high purity quaternary Ammonium “Quat”. Simply diluted 60 parts water to 1-part GK PRO in an ordinary garden sprayer, liberally coat all surfaces and, after a few minutes, rinse. You are then ready for the next load, safe in the knowledge of having sanitized your load space in compliance with best practice and adherence to regulatory requirements.