Key Features of the Dose Demon™

No additional power required. 

Operates using water pressure alone

Built in Chemical Tank

Holds approximately 10 litres of chemical

Made to last.

Made from durable materials

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Product description
Dose Demon™ is the easy way to regulate chemical & water ratios. 

The Dose Demon™ is the most robust, purpose-designed, proportional injector for soft washing, grounds amenity and any other sector requiring a precise mix ratio of chemical to water.  It sits between your water source and your hose nozzle (or brush) and works constantly without the need to refill with chemicals for up to 2,500m² of render or a 450m² of the roof.  

At the heart of the Dose Demon™ is a Dosatron D07RE5VAF. Dosatron, the market leader in proportional injection, that uses the flow of water pressure alone to activate and requires no additional power source. 

The unit takes up the required percentage of chemical concentrate directly from its integral reservoir and injects it into the water flow, so you can be sure of an accurate chemical dilution, appropriate to the substrate and bacterial loading. The dose of concentrate is directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Dosatron, regardless of variations in flow or pressure, which may occur in the mains supply. 

The Dose Demon™ with Dosatron D07RE5VAF allows chemicals to be mixed at ratios as low as 0·8% and up to 5·5% and operates at water flow pressures between 0·3 – 6 bar. The unit is also fitted with a pressure reducing valve to prevent excess water pressure damage. Adjusting the injection percentage rate couldn’t be easier, simply unscrew the locking ring and adjust the barrel, to the required injection rate, re-tighten the nut and you’re ready to go. A rhythmic “clicking” noise during operation is comforting assurance that your chemical is injecting concentrate into the flow. 

Manufactured to be durable with better impact resistance than any other comparable box, it’s made to last.  The internal moulded reservoir holds approximately 10 litres of chemical, which is sufficient for a full day of continuous working without the need to refill. Imagine the time saved by not having to constantly refill a backpack sprayer  



  • Powered by Dosatron D07RE5VAF, allows a chemical mix ratio of 0·8% and up to 5·5%.
  • Fitted with a non-return value and pressure reducing valve to prevent excess water pressure damage.
  • Moulded from MDPE the box is weld free and features a hinged and secure lid that protects contents.
  • Easy grip carry handle for easy transportation, even when full.
  • Integrated moulded chemical reservoir (Approx. 10Ltr) fitted with Extra wide 4” diameter opening and vented lid.
  • Translucent tank indicator.
  • Water in water and mix out labels to avoid confusion.
  • Easy access panel allows quick adjustments to the Dosatron chemical mix ratio.
  • Easily visible QR code access to Dose Demon instruction, operating manual, and dilution rates.

    Dose Demon™

    The easy way to regulate chemical & water ratios

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