GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash 1Ltr
GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash 1Ltr
GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash 1Ltr

GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash 1Ltr

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Product Description

GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash is a unique product designed for cleaning and sanitising internal or external hard surfaces prior to decoration. It acts as a “Decorators Mate” - making surfaces ready for paint application once dried. 

The formulation is self-neutralising so requires no washing down, allow the dilution to evaporate naturally – surfaces are ready for paint application once dried. No waiting, no rinsing.

GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash is a broad spectrum, surface biocide, for professional use against fungal and algal growths on hard surfaces.

HSE Licence No.10766.

Users must comply in full with all legal responsibilities under The Control of biocides Regulations 1986 including complying with all Conditions of Approval.

Key Features

• Self-Neutralising Formula: No washing down required - our unique formulation allows the dilution to naturally evaporate. Surfaces are paint-ready once dried, eliminating waiting time and rinsing hassles.

• Broad Spectrum Biocide: Specifically designed for professional use, GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash acts as a powerful surface biocide, targeting and eliminating 99.9% of fungal and algal growth on hard surfaces.

• Internal & External Use: Appropriate for use on surfaces both inside and outside your home or premises.

• Minimises regrowth risk: Solution actively reduces the likelihood of fungal regrowth in treated area.

• Acid and bleach free: Free of harmful chemicals that can damage underlying materials.

Coverage Rates

Apply 1 litre of diluted product per 6-8 square meters by brush, spray, or sponge. Adjust dilution for very absorbent surfaces.

Application Guidelines

Surface Preparation: Remove dirt, grease, and loose coatings. Scrape off mosses, lichens, mold, or algae growth using a stiff brush.

Fungicidal Wash Application: Dilute 1 litre of GK Concentrated Fungicidal Wash with 4 litres of water to create 5 litres of usable solution. Apply using a brush, roller, or spray in dry conditions.

Evaporation: Allow the solution to evaporate naturally for optimal effectiveness. No rinsing required.

Repeat Application: For heavily infected surfaces, a further application may be necessary.

Caution: Wear appropriate PPE, including protective gloves and eye/face protection, during application.


Store in the original unopened container in a clean, dry
area for up to 24 months from the date of manufacture. Do not store below 5⁰C.

Technical Data Sheets

Product FAQs

Will this kill garden plants close to the wall?

If used as instructed no. However please be careful, accidental overspray onto plants can scorch foliage but should not kill your plants. If plants are in the vicinity, before applying GK CFW, we recommend watering well and covering with a waterproof fleece. If you notice an accidental overspray during treatment rinse of thoroughly with water.

What’s the best way to apply the solution, sponge, roller?

GK CFW is very forgiving, as long as you follow the dilution instructions and saturate the surface you can even apply with a watering can, with a garden pump sprayer, paint brush, sponge, trigger spray or roller whichever suits.

Can this be applied in wet conditions?

Apply the product in dry conditions.

Can this be used on KREND?

Yes. Because it only attacks living bacteria it has no impact on the substrate material to which it’s being applied.

Can I use this on pebble dash?

Yes, CFW is safe to use on all substrates, although we do like the surface to be saturated so coverage may not be as great as that of scratch render.

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