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 Roof Before GK Pro Roof After GK Pro

Clay tiles offer the longest life-expectancy of any traditional roofing material and will easily last for a century if properly installed. Natural clay tiles are also chosen for good fire resistance. While most roofs require very little maintenance, homeowners should clean periodically to remove algae, mould and other contaminants that affect the appearance and performance of a roof. If left to build up moss and algae can interfere with natural drainage, which will quickly lead to leaks.

Roofs can be extremely slippery, particularly when they are wet or covered with moss. To reduce risk of injury or damage avoid walking on roofs they are not designed to support a person's body weight. 

Before you clean a roof, cover plants below the roof line with plastic or suitable tarpaulin to protect them from run-off.

Our roof cleaning method using GK PRO premium DDAC cleans without the need of a pressure washer, which, if used, can damage tiles. A GK PRO spray is applied at regular tap pressure, left to run off naturally, therefore allowing the rain and sun do the hard work. We believe roof cleaning should not really be attempted by the home/business owner and you should employ an experienced contractor who would normally do the work from the kerbside using an extending pole system. Most roofs are cleaned when moss has become highly visible and heavy. This heavy  material should be mechanically removed by brush or scraper. It is a good idea to cover gutter & downpipes beforehand.

The recommended mix of GK PRO when used on clay roof tiles is around 25 parts water to 1-part GK PRO and the product should be applied liberally to saturate the roof. Regular tap pressure (3-6 bar) is adequate water pressure to do the job. Pressure washers should be avoided as these can cause damage, especially on older, more brittle tiles.

GK PRO is a no-rinse formula, once treated leave.

Post treatment, we allow nature to do the work for us. Dead vegetation is dispersed by routine cycles of wind sun and rain, to gradually reveal the original appearance of the tiles. This “self-cleansing” can take many weeks or sometimes months depending on the location of the property, the condition of the roof tiles and type of roofing material being cleaned.

You can use GK PRO on asphalt, wood, tile, slate, rubber, metal, composite or any other roofing material and the product will clean and restore "like new".