Greener Kleener 5Ltr Mould, Lichen & Algae Remover
Greener Kleener 5Ltr Mould, Lichen & Algae Remover

Greener Kleener 5Ltr Mould, Lichen & Algae Remover

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Before and After

Greener Kleener applied to stone slabs

Product Description

Greener Kleener is an effective disinfectant and cleaner, it will eliminate 99.9% of bacterial growth and will remove mould, lichen & algae.

It eliminates biological contaminants within minutes of application and breaks down algae, fungi and moulds over time with cycles of sun and rain, for best residual cleaning results allow to evaporate naturally.

Greener Kleener is easy to use, free of bleach, free of caustic and acidic chemicals. After the initial application, further maintenance cycles will be a much shorter process, making it easy to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance. With a pH of 6 (virtually neutral) you have no worry about the long-term effects on children or pets, merely keep them away from treated areas until dry.

Greener Kleener is a natural surfactant cleaner, so will foam vigorously when applied by brush or spray, this is a great indicator to ensure all areas are treated.

It can be used on almost ANY hard substrate as Greener Kleener does not contain any harsh chemicals that many bleach-based cleaners incorporate. If used as instructed it will not oxidise or negatively impact on hard surfaces, or other components for example lead works, UPVC windows and seals, fixtures, or fittings.



FOR HEAVY SOILING dilute 2:1 with water
FOR LIGHT-MEDIUM SOILING dilute 3:1 with water.

No specialist equipment is required - a garden sprayer will do, alternatively the product can be brush applied. Whilst applying appropriate PPE should be worn, we recommend protective gloves and eye protection/face protection as a minimum requirement.

Greener Kleener is licenced by HSE as a DIY biocide treatment for the eradication of biological staining.


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Key Features

• Advanced Disinfection and Cleaning: Greener Kleener is a powerful solution that eliminates 99.9% of bacterial growth and effectively removes mould, lichen, and algae, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

• Fast Acting: The formula acts swiftly, eradicating biological contaminants within minutes of application and continues breaking down algae, fungi, and moulds naturally over time.

• Easy-to-Use Formula: This user-friendly product is easy to apply with no specialised equipment required—use a garden sprayer or apply with a brush.

• Bleach-Free and Environmentally Friendly: The formula is free of bleach, caustic, and acidic chemicals, making it safe for use and environmentally friendly. It poses no long-term risks to children or pets, with a virtually neutral pH of 6.

• Shortened Maintenance Cycles: After the initial application, maintenance cycles become significantly shorter, making it convenient for regular cleaning and upkeep.

• Versatile Application: With its natural surfactant cleaning action, Greener Kleener foams vigorously when applied by brush or spray, ensuring comprehensive treatment. It can be used on almost any hard substrate without negatively impacting surfaces or components.

• Safe for Various Surfaces: Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including lead works, UPVC windows and seals, fixtures, or fittings.

Application Guidelines

For heavy soiling - dilute 2:1 with water.

For light-medium soiling - dilute 3:1 with water.

No specialised equipment is necessary for the application of Greener Kleener – a garden sprayer or brush will suffice. However, during application, it is crucial to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). We strongly recommend the use of protective gloves and, as a minimum requirement, eye protection or face protection.


Keep cool. Keep container closed when not in use. Protect from sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place. 5 – 30°C Special rules on packaging. Keep only in original container.

Technical Data Sheets

Product FAQs

How long will it take for Greener Kleener to work?

This is dependent on the biological loading of moulds and algae. (How much biological growth and staining is on the surface)

For mild staining, you should see results in a couple of days, although heavier loads can take 2-3 months to see viable improvements, and in severe cases of contamination, it may take 6-12 months to work or to see the full results.

The reason for this, is part of the removal process is dependent on the weather cycles to remove dirt and biological contaminants from the surface. Once Greener Kleener has killed any biological growth it takes time for these to be weathered off the surface by mother nature.

The effects of subsequent applications or maintenance cycles will be seen quicker and usually within days.

When and how is it best to apply Greener Kleener?

It can be applied all year round, however results may be affected if rain occurs within 24 hrs and if temperatures are below 8 degrees Celsius.

Greener Kleener should be applied to a dry surface, and before applying any excess debris and bulky vegetative growth should be removed. Ideally it should be applied on a dry day with little or no wind. Whilst warmer weather will improve results applying on slightly cooler days with minimal evaporation, will allow the surface to remain wet for longer, giving the product time to work.

Is Greener Kleener safe around children and pets and will it damage plants?

Once dry Greener Kleener is safe around children and animals, however good practice is to keep them away during application.

If you need access to an area before it has dried, you can rinse it down with fresh water after an hour or more, although this can reduce the effectiveness, and it is best to let the product dry naturally.

Greener Kleener is plants safe provided you do not spray them directly. If you accidently overspray onto them, rinse down with clear water from a hose. It may scorch foliage, but it should not kill plants and grass lawns recover very quickly. It is good practice to protect them with waterproof fabric covers or plastic prior to spray.

On what surfaces can I use Greener Kleener, and will it cause any damage?

Greener Kleener is bleach, ammonia, acids, and solvents free. The product will not interact with any substrate or product that is not living and, unlike most other cleaners is non-oxidising so will not damage your outdoor surfaces.

It can be used on virtually any outdoor surface including tarmac, bricks and paving, concrete, decking, roof tiles, render, solar panels, Astroturf, artificial grass, canvas tents, caravans, conservatories, fibreglass boats, polytunnels, limestone, sandstone, marble, outdoor furniture, outdoor pots, outdoor painted surfaces, pool surrounds, slate, non-grass tennis courts, yacht sails. It can also be used to clean painted surfaces without the risk of damaging the paint film.

Can be used on decking, shed, fences, window frames and wooden garden furniture, it will prevent wood rot and disinfect as well.

Greener Kleener is excellent for decking, if applied regularly it can help prevent your deck becoming a slip hazard, as it will prevent bio films (slime) from building up on the surface, which is one of the main reason decking becomes slippery.

Can I paint or stain over surfaces treated Greener Kleener and how soon ?

Yes. Once clean and dry you can paint over treated surfaces.

However, depending on contamination, you may want to leave the dead bacterial growth to start decomposing for 2-3 weeks prior to painting (or staining). You can then wash the surface and the dirt and residue will be easily removed.

As a natural surfactant Greener Kleener will help remove dirt & grime that causes fading as well as keeping surfaces free of moss, mould, and algae. If used annually it can help extend the maintenance or painting cycle.

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