Parks, playgrounds and street furniture
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Parks, playgrounds and street furniture

Regular playground and street furniture cleaning with GK PRO will not only keep surfaces in excellent condition, it will also sanitise everything it cleans eliminating 99·9% of bacterial growths, algae and other biofilms. Using GK PRO can therefore, not only clean surfaces thoroughly, but it can also prevent the potential risk of slip hazards. Playground cleaning with GK PRO can transform surfaces to look 'as new' - unlike aggressive pressure washing which can damage and split the soft surface, a low-pressure biocidal routine clean will help prevent the spread of germs that inhabit all mixed surfaces.

Children’s playground and street furniture surfaces and structures come in many materials such as galvanised steel, timber, plastics, fabric ropes, painted surfaces, coated aluminium and even stone and brick.  They are designed to withstand all weathers and heavy use while providing a safe and fun environment, however,  even the toughest surfaces need regular maintenance to keep then performing at the highest level. GK PRO is the one universal cleaner and sanitiser suitable for cleaning bacterial growth from all materials including mulches, rubber, steel, polycarbonate, timber, plastics and it will not harm any material.

Our studies on the science behind cleaning these specialist wet pour surfaces in conjunction with RoSPA guidelines ( means we can ensure your surfaces remain sterile, clean and free of algae slip hazards.

Duty of care responsibilities mean we need to take all reasonable steps to ensure we have taken precautions to reduce risk as much as possible. Using GK PRO as part of routine maintenance cycle cleaning will ensure that:

  • All surfaces are safe for children (once dry)
  • All surfaces are free of dirt and grime
  • All surfaces are sanitized against harmful bacterial biofilms

GK PRO is safe to use on all materials within children’s play parks. It contains no acids or bleaches and cannot oxidise so will not rust metal surfaces, it will not adversely affect or interact with any material or coating used in playground construction and will not alter colours – it affects only living bacteria. Most importantly, unlike bleach and other acid-based cleaners, it is free from toxic fumes and vapours.

Easy to apply it can be used from a simple knapsack or pump sprayer  - essential in areas where there is limited access to running water or electricity.

Keep children happy and safe – include GK PRO as part of your routine maintenance programmes.