How to Remove Green Algae From Your Caravan

How to Remove Green Algae From Your Caravan

Discovering a green tint on your caravan's surface is a common concern. When left outdoors for extended periods, caravans become vulnerable to environmental conditions conducive to the growth of unpleasant green material. We’ll take you through how to remove this green material and avoid it in the future, in addition to answering some common questions. Before we progress with this guide, remember to always wear protecting clothing, including a mask, eye protection and gloves, when working with cleaning chemicals.

Why is My Caravan Going Green?

The most common reason for green growth on the surface of a caravan is the development of algae, moss, or mildew. Caravans, especially when left outdoors for extended periods, are susceptible to environmental conditions that foster the growth of these organisms. The accumulation of moisture, lack of sunlight, and exposure to organic debris can create an ideal environment for green discolouration.

How Do I Remove Green Algae from My Caravan?

Remove Surface Debris

Remove surface debris, such as leaves and sticks, using your hands, a light-bristled brush, hose or pressure washer (set to low setting). Be careful not to damage the exterior of the caravan by avoiding using a stiff brush or excessive pressure.

Use a Green Algae Removal Product

For the best result, you’ll want to use an algae remover product. Follow the instructions on the algae or moss remover product. Usually, you'll need to dilute it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Apply the solution to the affected areas, focusing on the green algae stains. 

What Is the Best Caravan Cleaner for Green Algae?

We recommend GK Greener Kleener, which is specially designed to remove green algae and is tried and tested on exterior caravan surfaces. It’s one of the most popular algae removal products on the market. 

Can Household Products, Like Baking Soda or Vinegar, Remove Green Algae from My Caravan?

These common household products are sometimes mixed with water to create a solution that may remove green algae. However, it’s important to note that these mixtures are likely to not be as effective as specialist cleaning products. You may be required to apply multiple treatments, in addition to doing a considerable amount of scrubbing, which can be quite a large undertaking for bigger caravans.

Let It Sit

Allow your chosen cleaning agent to work its magic on the green algae. Typically, biocide agents will show signs of working within 15 minutes.

Scrub or Rinse

Depending on your chosen product, you may be required to scrub or rinse the surface of your caravan prior to use. If you’re using GK Greener Kleener, the natural cycle of rain and sun is sufficient to remove the product and facilitate the removal of green material.

Is it OK to Pressure Wash My Caravan?

We would not recommend using a pressure/jet washer on your caravan while on high pressure, as this can damage the surface of the caravan. However, if your pressure washer can be set to a lower pressure, it can be appropriate to wash it gently to remove excess material. Washing on its own is not an effective treatment for green algae growth and should be done in conjunction with the appropriate chemical treatment.

How Can I Stop My Caravan from Going Green?

Keep It In A Dry Area

Parking your caravan in a dry and well-ventilated space is an effective way to minimise the growth of green algae. Green algae grow best in moist environments, making a garage or covered space the best place to leave your caravan to avoid this.

Keep It Away from Trees and Bushes

Biological material falling from trees and bushes can cause rapid spread of green algae. Be sure to keep your caravan far away plant life if you’re trying to keep it free of these green stains.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the presence of green growth on a caravan's surface, often attributed to algae, moss, or mildew, is a common issue exacerbated by outdoor exposure. To remove these unpleasant stains, you’ll want to use a specialist algae removal product such as GK Greener Kleener. Be cautious when using a pressure washer on your caravan. To avoid future regrowth, park your caravan in a dry and well-ventilated space and keep it away from trees and bushes.