The Ultimate Solution to Algae Slip Hazards in Saltwater Harbours: GK Pro

The Ultimate Solution to Algae Slip Hazards in Saltwater Harbours: GK Pro

When it comes to managing safety in saltwater harbours, Harbourmasters and Marina Managers carry a profound Duty of Care.

It is their responsibility to ensure that all slipways, access stairways, pontoons, and landing berths remain safe to walk on and free from slip hazards. An ecological and sustainable solution for algae control is vital, and that's where GK Pro comes in.

Guidance and Choices in Marine Safety.

In the vast realm of marine guidance, finding specific and up-to-date product references can be a daunting task. The focus has often been on chemicals tested in freshwater ponds, but the reality is that saltwater harbours require a specialised approach.

One key factor to be understood is that while a marine license from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is not required for cleaning slipways, any product aiming to eradicate algae must have Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approval.

Traditional products like sodium hypochlorite, despite their diluted forms, have long-lasting environmental footprints. However, among the choices available for a safer and more ecological solution are hydrogen peroxide and certain quaternary ammoniums, like Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC).

Introducing GK Pro: A Sustainable Choice.

GK Pro is a concentrated DDAC solution, free from hazardous oxidising properties, making it high purity and suitable for tidal areas (HSE registration № 10766). What sets GK Pro apart is its environmentally friendly nature; unused molecules of the active ingredient break down immediately upon contact with sodium chloride or salt.

When applied, GK Pro foams and acts as a natural surfactant, effectively removing oil and grime. Its efficacy and fundamental safety make it an ideal solution for diverse applications, from cleaning and disinfecting artificial sport surfaces to children's play areas and timber decking.

Case Study: Ilfracombe Harbour.

With over a million visitors every year and two miles of walkway, Ilfracombe harbour illustrates a perfect example of how GK Pro ensures compliance with Duty of Care obligations by effectively minimising slip hazards.

Final Thoughts and Warning.

It's imperative to avoid products containing harmful substances like sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or copper sulphate and to ensure that chosen products are licensed and current with HSE.

Choose GK Pro, the optimal solution for treating algae in saltwater harbours, and embrace a future where safety and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.