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Extend the Life of Your Thatched Roof with GK Pro

Thatched roofs exude a unique charm, but their durability largely relies on regular maintenance. Proper cleaning doesn't merely enhance aesthetics; it's crucial for extending the roof's lifespan and preventing costly repairs.

Common Threats to Thatched Roofs

While storms, leaves, sticks, and animals can damage a thatched roof, it's often moss, algae, and fungi that pose the more significant threat. These elements create a film that traps moisture, promoting fungi growth, which feeds on the cellulose in the thatch material, leading to decomposition.

In recent years, moss and algae control have become essential maintenance practices to keep thatched roofs looking good and remaining watertight.

Introducing GK Pro: The Optimal Solution for Thatched Roofs

The key to controlling moss and algae on a thatched roof is the use of an HSE approved biocide like GK Pro. Specifically designed to combat biofilms without harming the reed bed, GK Pro offers a safe, effective, and sustainable solution.

How Does GK Pro Work?

GK Pro is a quaternary ammonium compound that acts by perforating the cell membranes of fungi, algae, and moulds, causing the plants to die. Best applied during dry and moderate temperatures, it ensures that the thatch is adequately moistened for maximum chemical absorption.

Unlike conventional cleaning methods, GK Pro is self-neutralising, so it doesn’t require rinsing off. This makes it a more sustainable method, as it uses around half the water compared to traditional cleaning techniques. Plus, it's free from harmful caustic substances like acids or bleach, ensuring that the thatch's appearance remains unaffected.

Applying GK Pro

Applying GK Pro is a straightforward process using a spray lance under low (garden tap) pressure. However, maintaining a thatched roof is an art best left to experts. If you're considering this option, professional thatched roof maintenance from your local Master Thatcher, trained in the application methods of GK Pro, would be your ideal choice.

Why Choose GK Pro for Your Thatched Roof?

  • Effective Against Moss and Algae: Targets and kills harmful biofilms without damaging the thatch.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses less water and is free from caustic substances.
  • Ease of Use: Can be applied easily with a spray lance under low pressure.
  • Professional Support: Training for Master Thatchers in application methods ensures expert handling.


Protecting the character and longevity of your thatched roof doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With GK Pro, you get a reliable, effective, and eco-friendly solution that keeps your roof looking its best. Trust in professional thatched roof maintenance using GK Pro, and let your thatched roof continue to be a charming feature of your home for years to come.

Photo by Megan Andrews Instagram -- @meganreandrews