Sealant for Indian Stone

Sealant for Indian Stone

Indian stone, a natural sandstone, is increasingly popular with homeowners for use in gardens and on driveways due to its beautiful colours and intricate patterns that occur naturally on the stone’s surface.

There are many superb qualities of sandstone, such as its durability, however, sandstone, along with most natural stones such as granite or marble, tend to be quite porous, and it's this porosity that allows biological growth such as algae and lichen to flourish. Not only that, the stone is prone to stains as liquids such as oil and grease, as well as food and beverage spillages, can penetrate deep into the stone.

The best way to protect natural stones like Indian Stone from staining and microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, algae etc) is to treat the sandstone with a sealant, or sealer. The sealer acts as an impregnator rather than a coating as it soaks into the surface of the stone and protects the natural stone from stains and biological growth.

Which sealant should I use to protect my Indian Stone?

GK Invisible Stone Sealer is designed specifically with natural stone and concrete paving in mind. The formula penetrates and protects the stone, providing a waterproof, breathable, transparent and durable seal.

Once the sealant has been applied it is virtually invisible, so you can still perfectly see the different colours and patterns of the stone. The seal allows the stone to “breathe” whilst protecting it from various substances such as cooking and engine oils, grease and fat, food, ketchup and mustard, as well as beverages such as tea, coffee and wine.

GK Invisible Stone Sealer is not only an excellent repellent of oil, grease and water, it restricts the growth of moss, algae and other natural contaminants to keep your garden or patio looking pristine.

Our stone sealer has been developed using a short chain per-fluorinated polymer technology that provides a major step forward for stone and concrete sealers, and means the sealant is appropriate for both internal and external use on all natural stone, polished concrete, block paving, and even sensitive materials like honed granite and marble.

GK Invisible Stone Sealer is water-based, meaning it is environmentally friendly. Once you have applied the sealer and let it dry, you do not need to worry about the sealer having any harmful impacts on the surrounding environment.

How to apply GK Invisible Stone Sealer

Prepare the surface

For optimal results, before you can apply the sealer you need to prepare the surface. Make sure the stone surface is clean, dry and free from any dirt, soiling, mould or algae etc.

You may need to treat any algae, mould and lichen using GK Pro, GK Fungicidal Solution or GK Greener Kleener for the best results.

The ideal temperature for application should be between 10℃ and 30℃.

Prepare the sealant

This product does not require any dilution, it is ready to use! Shake the container vigorously before use.

We recommend carrying out an initial test on a small part of hidden substrate first, to ensure you are happy with the result, and to calculate actual consumption.

Apply the sealant

1. Ensure the surface is thoroughly dry and dust free before you apply the sealant.

2. Apply a generous, even coat with a brush, long pile roller or low-pressure spray to saturation point. One coat should be sufficient for surfaces with low porosity.

3. Mop up any excess product during application to ensure the sealer is applied evenly across the surface. (Excessive product left on the surface will dry leaving a patchy or milky finish.)

4. For more porous surfaces apply a further coat once the first coat starts to soak in. The second coat MUST be applied ‘wet on wet’ DO NOT ALLOW the surface to dry in between coats. One to three applications are recommended. This method provides deeper penetration.

5. Remove excess product with a clean microfibre cloth from the surface to avoid dirt pickup.

The benefits of using GK Invisible Stone Sealer

  • Penetrates and seals - providing a high level of protection.
  • Allows the substrate to breathe.
  • Invisible once dry - does not alter the appearance of the surface.
  • Excellent repellent of oil, grease, and water.
  • Superb anti-stain properties with a strong resistance to dirt and grime.
  • Restricts moss growth, algae and other natural contaminates.
  • Water-based formula is safer to use whilst being hard wearing and long-lasting.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • 100% water-based - no toxic substances.


If you are looking for a sealant for Indian Stone, look no further than GK Invisible Stone Sealer. Our specialist formula penetrates and seals the stone to provide a high level of protection against oil, grease, and water, as well as any food or beverage staining, and restricts the growth of natural contaminants like algae and lichen.

The seal is invisible so it doesn’t detract away from the beauty of the natural stone’s colours and patterns. Finally, our formula is water based, offering an environmentally friendly option that is effective and easy to use.