How to Clean a Driveway - The Ultimate Driveway Cleaning Guide

How to Clean a Driveway - The Ultimate Driveway Cleaning Guide

Summer is fast approaching, so you may be wanting to spruce up your outside areas such as your garden and driveway. The seemingly never ending months of cold and rain might have left your driveway looking worn and dirty, and there’s no better way to welcome warmer months than to do some much needed cleaning.

Cleaning your driveway can feel like a daunting, arduous task, but with our handy guide, we can help you make your driveway bright and beautiful. This guide will help you combat algae and biological growth, oil and grease staining, efflorescence build up and removing black spots from your driveway.

The added bonus is that some of these methods can also help you with your garden, patios and decking.

How to Clean Algae, Lichen and Fungi on Your Driveway

A build up of green, biological growth on your driveway is easily cleaned with our GK Greener Kleener. This effective disinfectant and cleaner eliminates 99.9% of bacterial and biological growth such as algae, lichen and fungi.

Easy to use and free from caustic and acid chemicals, you can eliminate biological contaminants within minutes. Plus, after the initial application, further maintenance of your driveway will have a much shorter process, making it easy to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance.

What Surfaces Can I Use GK Greener Kleener On?

GK Greener Kleener can be used on tarmac, bricks, paving, concrete, decking and most mineral based hard substrates such as marble.

Greener Kleener is bleach, ammonia, acids, and solvents free so the product will not interact with any substrate or product that is not living and, unlike most other cleaners, is non-oxidising so will not damage your outdoor surfaces.

How to Apply GK Greener Kleener

 It is recommended to always carry out an initial test on a small surface area before applying the product to the entire section.

Apply in dry conditions using a brush or garden sprayer.
For heavy soiling, mix 1 part product to 2 parts water.
For light to medium soiling, mix 1 part product to 3 parts water.
Remove bulky growth prior to application with a broom or mechanical scraper.
Allow time for the product to work - ideally overnight.
For the best results, allow the solution to dry naturally.

How to Clean Oil Stains on Your Driveway

Our GK Oil Out has an oil-ingesting formula for removing unsightly petroleum-based oil and grease stains from driveways. The super concentrated formula pushes oil out from deep within the pores, removing contamination without leaving any residue.

Coverage for this product is around 4 - 6m2 per litre, depending on the porosity of the surface, and tackles stubborn hard-to-remove grease and oil stains. You can keep using it to periodically maintain driveways.

What Surfaces Can I Use GK Oil Out On?

GK Oil Out can be used on natural stone, block paving and concrete surfaces where oil stains are likely to occur such as paving stones, slabs, drives, pathways, and patios.

How to Apply GK Oil Out

 It is recommended to always carry out an initial test on a small surface area before applying the product to the entire section.

Before application, make sure to shake the container thoroughly to guarantee optimal performance.
To apply use either a garden sprayer to apply a saturated coat to the affected area, or pour directly onto the substrate.
Allow the product to work for up to 1 hour, adjusting the duration based on the severity of the staining.
Once the product has had sufficient time to act, remove it from the surface using hot water or a jet wash.
If staining is still evident after the initial application, repeat the process until the area is completely free from contamination.

This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough and effective cleaning process for your desired results.

How to Clean Efflorescence on Your Driveway

GK Eff Off is an acid free efflorescence salts remover containing a blend of organic compounds, surfactants and activators. The active compounds combine with salts on the substrate and renders them soluble in water.

Using this product allows for the easy rinse away of efflorescence and prevents the cycle from continuing.

What Surfaces Can I Use GK Eff Off On?

You can use GK Eff Off on bricks, concrete and mineral based hard substrates such as terracotta and marble.

How to Apply GK Eff Off

 It is recommended to always carry out an initial test on a small surface area before applying the product to the entire section.

Prior to application, remove grease, dirt and loose material. The solution is ready to use without dilution.
Apply a saturated coat at a rate of 5m2 per litre using a brush or garden sprayer.
Brush in the solution vigorously and allow it to dwell for 1 hour and repeat the process. You can leave the solution up to 24 hours.
Rinse it off with a stiff brush or power jet and leave the drive to dry. A weak dilution of 50 parts to 1 part Eff Off™ in the rinse water is recommended.
Once dry, the surface may be treated with an appropriate sealer for added protection.

How to Clean Black Spots on Your Driveway

GK Black Spot Remover is a premium solution that’s designed for the effortless removal of black spots, discolouration and microbiological contaminants. Our high performance cleaner can revive surfaces marred by even the most stubborn black stains.

GK Black Spot Remover uses a thixotropic, slightly viscous, and non-penetrating liquid composition and boasts a unique, alkali formula enriched with wetting agents. This blend targets both organic and non-organic staining with precision, ensuring a thorough cleaning that leaves surfaces free of unsightly blotches and marks.

What Surfaces Can I Use GK Black Spot Remover On?

You can use GK Black Spot Remover on stone, concrete, block paving, flagstones, paving slabs and sandstone.

How to Apply GK Black Spot Remover

 It is recommended to always carry out an initial test on a small surface area before applying the product to the entire section.

Remove loose dirt, moss and debris using a firm bristle brush for optimal adhesion.
Avoid applying the product in wet weather, frost, or if rain is expected during the application period. Extra cleaning time is required for temperatures below 8℃.
The ideal temperature range for application is between 10℃ and 30℃.
The longer you can leave the solution, the brighter the appearance. Minimum dwelling time is 4 - 8 hours. Do not exceed 24 hours.
Surface moistening is recommended. Enhance effectiveness by slightly wetting the surface. Do not soak.
Heavy soiling requires 3 - 4m2 per litre. Light soiling requires 5 - 6m2 per litre.
To remove, rinse with a high pressure washer or running water and a stiff deck brush, and ensure all the product is removed from the surface.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide will help you achieve all your driveway cleaning desires! GK offers a range of products that are perfectly suited for outdoor cleaning, including removing algae, oil stains, efflorescence and black spots.