How to Seal Wood - Sealing Wooden Structures, Decking and Furniture

How to Seal Wood - Sealing Wooden Structures, Decking and Furniture

Sealing wooden structures and furniture, such as; decking fencing, timber, tables and chairs, is the perfect way to protect the wood, providing a robust defence against moisture and rot. In doing so you can extend the lifespan of the wood and keep it looking beautiful.

Having said that, with so many products available, it can be difficult to choose the right wood sealer for the job. That is why we have formulated our wood sealer using the latest technology, ensuring outstanding performance and excellent durability.

GK Invisible Wood Sealer

GK Invisible Wood Sealer is a water-based sealing solution that is designed specifically for use with decking, fencing and timber, as well as other wooden structures you may have both inside and outside your home or premises.

Our ready-to-use sealer penetrates deep into the wood, preventing any damage caused by moisture and rot. Not only that, our wood sealer benefits from algae-repelling properties that keep your wood surfaces and furniture pristine, especially outdoors.

Why Choose GK Invisible Wood Sealer?

As we said earlier, we have created our unique formula with the latest technology to give you the best, most effective results with the simplest application process.

Key features of our GK Invisible Wood Sealer:

The breathable solution has a special formula that prevents water from penetrating and damaging the wood, whilst still allowing for water vapour to pass through. This combination means that the wood is protected against rot, as well as delamination.

The product can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces both inside and outside, meaning it is great for sealing larger structures such as decking or garden fencing, as well as smaller structures such as furniture.

GK Invisible Wood Sealer is extremely hard-wearing. The invisible sealant layer is UVA resistant to protect the wood against light exposure to sunlight, as well as being highly resistant to general everyday wear and tear that comes with use or footfall.

What makes our wood sealer different from others on the market is that it prevents the growth of unsightly green material on your wooden surfaces such as mould and algae. This is especially beneficial for outdoor structures that are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

How to Apply GK Invisible Wood Sealer in 4 Easy Steps

This product is ready to use so requires no dilution prior to application.

STEP 1: Apply with a brush, long pile roller, or low-pressure spray to saturation in an even coat.

STEP 2: Apply a second wet-on-wet coat before the first coat dries for deeper penetration.

STEP 3: Avoid runs, drips, or puddling. Remove excess product with a clean lint-free cloth.

STEP 4: Drying time: Touch dry within 2 hours, fully dry after 24 hours. For decking and flooring, allow 24 hours before heavy traffic.


To effectively and easily seal your wood structures, decking and furniture, both indoor and outdoor, use GK Invisible Wood Sealer. Our specially designed formula penetrates deep into the wood, preventing any damage caused by moisture and rot, and protects wood against algae and mould to further enhance its lifespan.