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Product Description

Toupret Murex Repair Filler offers unmatched durability and adhesion on any substrate, making it the ideal choice for filling and repairs in both interior and exterior environments. With no depth limit, this filler allows for versatile application, accommodating various repair needs with ease.

Setting to a rock-hard finish, Toupret Murex Repair Filler ensures long-lasting results that withstand the test of time. Its rich resin content contributes to its extreme durability, providing a reliable solution for even the most demanding repair projects.

One of the standout features of this filler is its shapeable nature, allowing for repairs without the need for formwork. This flexibility in application simplifies the repair process, providing greater convenience and efficiency for users.

Additionally, Toupret Murex Repair Filler can be overcoated with any standard water-based masonry paint or mineral paint within 24 hours. For polyurethane or epoxy solvent-based paints, it is recommended to first prime with a water-based exterior paint, ensuring optimal adhesion and finish.

Key Features

Unmatched durability and adhesion on any substrate

Product FAQs

What is Toupret Murex Repair Filler used for?

Toupret Murex Repair Filler is specifically designed for repairing and filling deep holes, cracks, and voids in masonry, concrete, and plaster surfaces. It provides a durable and resilient finish suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

How does Toupret Murex Repair Filler differ from standard fillers?

Toupret Murex Repair Filler is formulated with special additives that enhance its strength, flexibility, and adhesion properties, making it ideal for repairing structural damage and large voids in masonry and concrete substrates.

Can Toupret Murex Repair Filler be used on damp surfaces?

Yes, Toupret Murex Repair Filler is suitable for use on damp surfaces. Its advanced formulation allows it to adhere well to damp or moist substrates without compromising its performance or durability. However, excessive moisture should be removed before application for best results.

How should Toupret Murex Repair Filler be applied?

Toupret Murex Repair Filler should be applied to clean, dry/damp, and sound surfaces using a filling knife or spatula. The filler should be pressed firmly into the crack or hole, ensuring complete coverage and a smooth finish. Once applied, allow the filler to dry thoroughly before sanding or painting as required.

Is Toupret Murex Repair Filler compatible with paints and decorative finishes?

Yes, Toupret Murex Repair Filler is compatible with most paints and decorative finishes suitable for masonry and concrete surfaces. Once the filler has dried completely, surfaces can be painted to match the surrounding area or achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.

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