Toupret Masonry Filler
Toupret Masonry Filler

Toupret Masonry Filler

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Product Description

Toupret Masonry Filler is a versatile and reliable choice for masonry repair and preparation. Its standout feature is the ability to be applied to both dry and damp masonry surfaces, making it a convenient solution for various conditions.

This filler excels in filling without shrinking to any depth, and it doesn't require formwork, simplifying the repair process. Its weather-resistant properties add to its durability, making it suitable for outdoor use. It can be applied to all rough masonry surfaces, including cement, concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, and stones.

One of its noteworthy features is its shapeability, allowing you to make repairs without the need for formwork. Overcoating can be done 48-72 hours from application with standard water-based masonry or mineral paint, further streamlining your project. However, if you plan to use polyurethane or epoxy solvent-based paints, it's recommended to prime the surface with a water-based exterior paint. In summary, Toupret Masonry Filler is a versatile and practical choice for decorators and professionals seeking reliable and weather-resistant masonry repair solutions.

Key Features

Can be applied to both dry and damp masonry surfaces

Product FAQs

What is Toupret Masonry Filler used for?

Toupret Masonry Filler is a specialised filler designed for repairing and filling cracks, holes, and imperfections in masonry surfaces such as brick, concrete, and stone. It provides a durable and weather-resistant finish, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

What makes Toupret Masonry Filler suitable for masonry surfaces?

Toupret Masonry Filler is formulated with ingredients that enhance adhesion to masonry substrates and provide excellent resistance to weathering and moisture. Its robust formulation ensures long-lasting repairs that withstand the rigours of outdoor exposure.

Is Toupret Masonry Filler easy to apply?

Yes, Toupret Masonry Filler is designed for easy application with a filling knife or spatula. Its smooth consistency allows for effortless spreading and shaping, ensuring quick and efficient repairs. Additionally, it adheres well to vertical surfaces without sagging or slumping.

How long does Toupret Masonry Filler take to dry?

The drying time of Toupret Masonry Filler depends on factors such as temperature, humidity, and the thickness of the application. In optimal conditions, it typically dries within 1 to 2 hours. However, thicker applications or adverse weather conditions may prolong the drying time.

Can Toupret Masonry Filler be painted over?

Yes, Toupret Masonry Filler can be painted over once it has dried completely. It is compatible with most paints and decorative finishes suitable for masonry surfaces. Once the filler is dry, surfaces can be painted to match the surrounding area or achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.

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