Indasa Web Handpad
Indasa Web Handpad
Indasa Web Handpad
Indasa Web Handpad

Indasa Web Handpad

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Product Description

The Indasa Web Handpad is a highly flexible and reusable abrasive tool that offers great versatility in various paint and sundries applications. It's specifically designed for tasks like sanding, blending, micro-finishing, or rectifying surfaces.

The abrasive-impregnated web ensures a consistent scratch pattern, which is vital for achieving professional results. Its web construction prevents over sanding and allows for a waterproof performance. One of its standout features is the ability to be washed and reused, which not only makes it environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. The high flexibility of the handpad ensures it can adapt to curves and contoured surfaces, making it a valuable tool for decorators and professionals seeking precision in their work.

Key Features

Offers great versatility in various paint and sundries applications

Product FAQs

What is the Indasa Web Handpad used for?

The Indasa Web Handpad is a versatile abrasive tool used for surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing across various industries. It is commonly employed for sanding, scuffing, blending, and deburring tasks on metal, wood, plastic, and composite surfaces.

What makes the Indasa Web Handpad different from traditional sandpaper?

Unlike traditional sandpaper, the Indasa Web Handpad is made from a non-woven web material, which offers several advantages. It provides a more consistent finish, resists clogging, and is flexible, allowing it to conform to irregular shapes and contours with ease.

Can the Indasa Web Handpad be used wet or dry?

Yes, the Indasa Web Handpad is suitable for both wet and dry applications. It can be used with water or solvents for wet sanding to reduce dust and improve cutting performance, or dry for general surface preparation and finishing tasks.

Is the Indasa Web Handpad reusable?

Yes, the Indasa Web Handpad is reusable and can be rinsed or shaken out to remove debris and prolong its lifespan. Its durable construction ensures it maintains its abrasive properties through multiple uses, making it a cost-effective solution for various abrasive applications.

What grits are available for the Indasa Web Handpad?

The Indasa Web Handpad is available in various grits, ranging from medium to ultra fine, to suit different surface preparation and finishing requirements. Common grits include medium, very fine and ultra fine, providing options for achieving desired surface textures and finishes.

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