Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves
Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves

Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves

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Product Description

Blackrock's Gripper gloves offer superior protection for a variety of tasks. The latex crinkle palm provides superior grip in wet or dry conditions, while the 10 gauge polycotton liner ensures comfort and breathability. The gloves are secured with an elasticated wrist for a snug fit, and are certified to EN388 and EN420. 

Product FAQs

How do Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves enhance grip and dexterity?

The latex coating on the palm and fingers of Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves offers a textured surface that improves grip on both dry and slightly oily surfaces. This design enhances dexterity and control when handling objects and tools.

What tasks are Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves suitable for?

Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves are suitable for a wide range of tasks, including general handling, construction, assembly, gardening, and more. Their grippy nature makes them especially effective for tasks that require precise handling and manipulation.

Are Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves breathable and comfortable to wear?

While latex gloves provide good protection and grip, they may not be as breathable as other materials. Users with latex allergies should avoid these gloves. For those without allergies, consider wearing a cotton liner to enhance comfort and absorb moisture during extended use.

Can Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves be used with touchscreens?

Latex-coated gloves are generally not touchscreen-compatible. The latex coating can interfere with touchscreen responsiveness. If touchscreen compatibility is essential for your tasks, consider Blackrock PU Gripper Gloves.

Are Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves available in different sizes?

Yes, Blackrock Latex Gripper Gloves are available in various sizes to accommodate different hand sizes. Selecting the correct size ensures a snug fit that maximizes grip and comfort during use.

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