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Product Description

Step into Blackrock Disposable Overshoes for confidence on any surface. Fit up to UK 13 shoe sizes and ideal for protecting floors against scuffs and scratches. With elastication and a textured anti-slip sole for secure grip, the overshoes are supplied in 10 pcs (5 pairs) per pack.

Product FAQs

What materials are Blackrock Disposable Overshoes made from?

Blackrock Disposable Overshoes are made from lightweight and water-resistant materials such as polyethylene. This construction helps prevent the transfer of dirt and contaminants from shoes to floors.

What tasks are Blackrock Disposable Overshoes suitable for?

Blackrock Disposable Overshoes are suitable for a wide range of tasks, including medical settings, clean rooms, food handling, construction, and areas with strict hygiene requirements. They help maintain cleanliness by preventing the spread of dirt and particles from shoes.

Are Blackrock Disposable Overshoes available in different sizes?

No, Blackrock Disposable Overshoes are only available in one size which fits up to a UK size 13. Their design is intended to be versatile and adaptable to various footwear sizes. Ensuring a proper fit is important to cover the entire shoe and prevent contamination from the sides or sole.

Can Blackrock Disposable Overshoes be reused?

No, Blackrock Disposable Overshoes are intended for single-use only. After use, they should be properly disposed of in accordance with relevant waste disposal regulations. Reusing disposable overshoes can compromise their effectiveness and lead to cross-contamination.

Do Blackrock Disposable Overshoes offer slip resistance?

Yes, Blackrock Disposable Overshoes are designed to provide basic slip resistance. The water-resistant material and textured sole of these overshoes contribute to better traction, reducing the risk of slipping on wet or smooth surfaces. While they offer some level of slip resistance, for environments with higher slip hazards, considering overshoes with specialized slip-resistant features might be advisable.

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