Blackrock Disposable Coverall

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Product Description

The Blackrock Disposable Coverall offers reliable protection in non-hazardous environments. It is lightweight and comfortable, thanks to an elasticated fit in the back, hood, cuffs and ankles. A full length front zip allows for easy putting on and removal. Enjoy superior protection and convenience with this economical, disposable coverall.

Product FAQs

What materials are Blackrock Disposable Coveralls made from?

Blackrock Economy Disposable Coveralls are made from lightweight and breathable non-woven polypropylene fabric. This material provides basic protection against particles and light splashes while maintaining wearer comfort.

What tasks are Blackrock Disposable Coveralls suitable for?

Blackrock Disposable Coveralls are suitable for a range of tasks, including general maintenance, cleaning, light industrial work, painting, and situations where basic protection against contaminants is required. They are not recommended for tasks involving hazardous chemicals or heavy-duty applications.

Are Blackrock Disposable Coveralls available in different sizes?

Yes, Blackrock Disposable Coveralls are typically available in multiple sizes to ensure a proper fit for different body types. Choosing the correct size is important to ensure comfort and adequate coverage.

Can Blackrock Disposable Coveralls be reused?

No, Blackrock Disposable Coveralls are designed for single-use only. After use, they should be properly disposed of in accordance with relevant waste disposal regulations. Reusing disposable coveralls can compromise their effectiveness and lead to cross-contamination.

Do Blackrock Disposable Coveralls offer protection against hazardous chemicals?

Blackrock Disposable Coveralls are designed for basic protection against particles and light splashes. They may not provide adequate protection against hazardous chemicals or heavy exposure to liquids. For tasks involving chemical exposure, it's recommended to use coveralls specifically designed for chemical resistance and protection.

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