Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles

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Product Description

Stay protected on the job with Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles. Made with a durable, lightweight polycarbonate lens and soft PVC frame, they provide superior dust protection and comfort. The adjustable elasticated strap ensures a secure fit and meets EN166 safety rating.

Product FAQs

How do Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles work?

Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles incorporate a unique venting system that allows air to flow while preventing the entry of dust and debris. This feature helps maintain clear visibility and minimizes fogging, making them suitable for tasks that require both eye protection and unobstructed vision.

What types of tasks are Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles suitable for?

Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles are versatile and can be used for a range of tasks that involve potential eye hazards. They are commonly used in construction, woodworking, landscaping, and other industries where there is a risk of dust, debris, and airborne particles impacting the eyes.

Are Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles suitable for use with prescription glasses?

Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles are designed to be worn independently so they may not comfortably accommodate prescription glasses underneath. If prescription eyewear is required, it's advisable to look for goggles specifically designed to fit over glasses or consult with an eyewear professional.

Can Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles be reused?

Yes, Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles are reusable as long as they remain in good condition. Regularly clean the lenses and frames to ensure clear vision and extend their lifespan. If the goggles become scratched, damaged, or cracked, they should be replaced to maintain effective eye protection.

What safety standards do Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles meet?

Blackrock Direct Vent Goggles are designed to meet or exceed relevant safety standards, such as EN 166 in Europe. These standards ensure that the goggles provide adequate impact resistance, optical clarity, and protection against various hazards. Always check the manufacturer's information or product labelling for specific safety standard compliance.

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