No disinfectant can claim to have been tested and approved as eliminating COVID-19

No disinfectant can claim to have been tested and approved as eliminating COVID-19

It isn’t yet available for commercial testing. This will only happen following the release of the strain by relevant health authorities.

However, given the structural similarities of COVID-19 virus to coronavirus strains tested previously (SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, Human Coronavirus), we would expect our Quaternary Ammonium products (GK PRO and Greener Kleener) to be effective against the new strain.

Coronavirus COVID-19 virus is very fragile; (See our sister article : Why does soap work so well on Coronavirus) which explains why and how a soap or surfactant is the best method of breaking down this new virus.

Our GK PRO is a Quaternary Ammonium biocidal cleaner. “Quats” has been in use from the early twentieth century, initially in healthcare to clean and sanitise surfaces of all harmful bacteria in clinics and operating theatres, in veterinary science for sanitising kennels and agriculture for sanitising polytunnels and glasshouses, dairies, trailers and barns.

Today they’re in common use for cleanliness critical environments, including children’s play parks and for sanitising artificial sports surfaces. Even on garden decking and salt water marina’s to prevent slip hazards caused by algae and other biofilms.

GK PRO is a broad spectrum Quarternary Ammonium biocide killing microbial life by puncturing cell walls. Quats are also surfactant, which foam on impact and remove grease and grime from a surface as well as sanitising it.

A high purity biocide contains no aggressive oxidising agents such as bleach or acid and is neither corrosive nor harmful to any substrate, no specialist equipment is required to apply, for smaller areas a simple garden sprayer will do!